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Disastrous effect of closing all the mental hospitals

You get people like these running around loose: Warren Chisum and Ben Bridges, members of the Texas and Georgia state governments, respectively.

On Talking Points Memo, I see that these two were sending around a memo, using government funds no less!, that says evolution is a hoax and the Earth does not revolve around the sun. The ridiculous idea that the Earth rotates is also the product of a godless conspiracy.

Whose conspiracy? Why, Jewish scientists, of course, bent on the destruction of Christianity.

Luckily, Christianity has absorbed pigheaded lunatics for centuries and developed complete immunity, so there is no threat whatsoever from that direction.

(I guess if the likes of Chisum and Bridges are so far away from their natural habitat as to be found in state government, there is every chance actual pigs will be reading this. My apologies beforehand to any who may take offense at the comparison.)