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Working on site . . .

Jan 2.: Please pardon the mess. When it’s all done, the site should look right at any size and in any browser.

Should. Hmph.

Update: Jan 5: I think the regular screen version is pretty much done. (I can’t get rid of the line under the active tab yet. It’s always something.) Let me know if you see problems on your system, and, if so, what the problem is, which operating system you use, and which browser & version you’re running. It’s been tested on Firefox 3b.1 and Internet Explorer 7.

Onward and upward. Next: formatting for small screens / handhelds. Then maybe printers, just for the hell of it.

Update: Jan 9: Gaaa. Just got my hands on IE6 and now see that the site looks like a complete mess. Apologies to all IE6 users out there! I’m working on the needed tweaks. Meantime, get Firefox🙂     (or, if you must, IE7…).

Update: Jan 10: Well, the worst of the problems have been kludged away, as far as I can tell. Let me know if I’m wrong!