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About those midterm elections: Who Cares?

If you check back sometimes, despite the long silences I fall into, you already know I think current US politics are worthless. So I haven’t mustered up the energy to say anything about the impending rearrangement of deck chairs on our Titanic. However, I see on The Distant Ocean [1] that Thomas Kenny [2] has made the only comment needed:

Heaven forbid that the Republicans win on Nov. 2!

  • They might escalate in Afghanistan and fake a withdrawal from Iraq.
  • They might pass a bogus health reform law written by the insurers, thereby entrenching them in the system for many years to come.
  • They might put EFCA (labor rights reform) on a back burner.
  • They might step up deportations of undocumented workers.
  • They might expand the military budget to an all–time high.
  • They might retain Bush’s apparatus of repression, including torture and assassination of US citizens by White House fiat.
  • They might keep Guantanamo open and tighten the blockade of Cuba.
  • They might threaten war with Iran.
  • They might cave in to Israel and the Israel lobby, and neglect Palestinian rights.
  • They might throw billions of our tax dollars at mega-bankers, but do little or nothing for ordinary homeowners.
  • They might tolerate a 10 percent unemployment rate, with jobless rates double or triple that for youth of color.
  • They might start overthrowing lawful elected governments in Central America.
  • They might start raiding the homes of leftwing antiwar activists.

He did forget a huge one:

  • They might trade away the right to control one’s own body for votes from theocrats.

In the inimitable words of vastleft [3]: The Democrats, a roach motel for progressive energies.

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4 Comments To "About those midterm elections: Who Cares?"

#1 Comment By grajz24w On 28 Oct, 2010 @ 08:32

I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are mistaken.

[I removed your two links, since it was not clear what their purpose was. If this is a real comment, please leave another one that explains a bit more. added by quixote, 2010-10-28]

#2 Comment By Woman Voter On 29 Oct, 2010 @ 09:47

Yes, those are all valid concerns and the ‘torture and assassinations’ really concern me. As to the wire tapping, I think there is a video within the last week where President Obama says he is looking forward and not backwards 😯 (when asked about wire tapping). I thought it was interesting that George S., didn’t ask if they are wire tapping now.

Yes, women’s rights do get left out time and time again. Odd, but I almost expect it.

Any hoo, just (((waving hello))) and good to see good points/concerns raised.

#3 Comment By quixote On 29 Oct, 2010 @ 14:49

Hi WV! About that “looking forward” BS, Sy Hersh has an [4] in the current New Yorker where he mentions Big 0’s plan is to push for legislation that will enable The Good Guys ™ to listen in on everything, right down to your old grocery lists.

The most depressing thing is how nobody but us out-and-outliers even cares.

#4 Comment By WomanVoter On 29 Oct, 2010 @ 16:36

outliers??? I take it you know ‘STATISTICS’???

Yup, they are listening, but gosh, they just have to read what we write out in the OPEN and see, there is no plot here, just observations about behavior and policies. I guess we just ‘ass/u/me/d’ (the old joke 😉 ) that when the GOOD GUYS were in office all the ‘bad’ things would stop. Silly US!