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Throwing away your vote on a “loser”

I can’t stand either liar running for Prez. But I’m told I have to vote for one of them or I’m so-called “throwing my vote away.”

Listen to that closely. Let’s take this out of politics for a second, just to make it clearer. Pretend I’m in Walmart, looking for a lawnmower. But something odd has happened since the last time I visited the store about twenty years ago. There’s nothing but shelves and shelves of fully recyclable turnip twaddlers and artisanal lego doghouses.

So, since I need a lawn mower, my only choice is to plunk $100 down on a twaddler. Otherwise I’m throwing my money away.

Say whuuuut?

The worst thing that could possibly happen to me is leaving with nothing? Really?

I know. In the political world, Walmart will follow me home and foist off on me either the twaddler or the doghouse, no matter what.

I don’t see how giving them my money — or my vote — improves my situation in any way. Paying to get something bad only increases my loss. I don’t need either of the useless blots. I need better choices.

As Jill Stein said recently,

“[In Egypt], it was illegal to have third parties. Here it’s just impossible.”