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I can’t write about this.

Wael, said he had seen a six-year-old die after being tortured and starved.The 16 year-old told the report’s authors: “I watched him die. He only survived for three days and then he simply died.”

BBC News – Syria child trauma ‘appalling’ – Save the Children [1]

What kind of monster can do that? What kind of people are we that such things happen?

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#1 Comment By Branjor On 26 Sep, 2012 @ 20:37

Horrible. What’s happening in Syria? Why is it taking so long?

#2 Comment By quixote On 27 Sep, 2012 @ 21:33


It doesn’t help that the Russians and Chinese are propping up the dictator because he’s officially a “Socialist,” and the Iranians are propping him up because it’ll annoy the hell out of everybody, especially Sunnis (read: Saudi Arabia), and the North Koreans seem to be sending him weapons, etc., etc. etc.

Somehow, it seems to me, at the very least London and New York could choke off the regime’s finances and end the reign of that garbage that way.

I don’t know how Islamist, sharia-bonkers, or anything else the Free Syrian Army is. Kids and kittens keep being photographed near them, so they’re definitely good at media, whatever else they might be. Seriously, though, there do seem to be very few atrocities associated with them, so I guess they’re the good guys for now.