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The Democrats are running on this?

Do I have this right?

We need to vote for Obama and others with a “D” behind their names because the Republicans threaten the fabric of civilization and life as we know it.

After we’ve done that, everything will be fine because Obama will come to grand compromises with those same Republicans [1].

The compromise will be to reduce people’s Social Security and Medicare benefits.

This will save the federal government money. (By taking it out of your Social Security and Medicare. It will not save you money. You, according to the Democrats and the Obama campaign, think this is a good idea.)

By saving the government money, it will deal with the deficit.

It will not deal with jobs, health care, working till ninety, student loans, jobs, taxes, schools, or jobs.

Sounds like a winner to me. And so easy to tell apart from the Republican platform, which wants to cut Social Security and Medicare.

Of course, the Republicans think the religious should tell women what to do with their reproductive organs, whereas the Democrats think the Catholics should tell women what to do with their reproductive organs.

So there’s that.