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No, you cannot tell me to live by your beliefs

Just no. I’m not sure what is so hard about that concept.

Muslims are upset about some non-Muslim’s pictures somewhere. Again. This was the result in that case. (Via BBC, Day in Pictures, Oct. 2, 2012.)

Buddhist monk leafing through burned book in a burned building

It has, apparently, escaped the rioters that these are Buddhists. Not Muslims. Muslims do not get to tell Buddhists how to live their lives. Nor do they get to tell Christians. Or atheists. Or, for that matter, even other Muslims except on a voluntary basis.

So just get over it. There may be pictures out there your religion forbids. Too bad.

There’s one thing you can do: don’t look at them.

There’s one thing the rest of us can do: make it easy for you not to see them.

The mistake we make is not making it easy enough. There’s a lot we could do there. The freedom of speech enthusiasts haven’t yet realized that it’s matched by the right not to hear. Just like freedom of motion is matched by the right not to have people walk into you.

You’re within your rights to insist on not seeing what hurts you. You’re way outside them when you hurt others.