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Government shutdown: my small loss

So the shutdown isn’t doing much to me. No missing checks, no cancer therapies withheld. Not even a thousand dollar vacation ruined.

No, my problem is much smaller. I have the Astronomy Picture of the Day [1] as my home page. That way when I start up my browser the first thing I see is galaxies of light or maps of the whole universe or our planet shining with auroras. When the news comes along in due course with its not-new examples of people making problems, my mind has a bit of a harbor, a memory that it’s not like that everywhere.

Well, NASA is part of the government. It’s shut down. Its servers are down. My home page is now a blank white nothing:


I know it’s a very minor thing. And yet I feel like I’ve lost a friend, a very good friend who took me to new worlds and showed me wonders unknown.

I am surprised at how sad it makes me.

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2 Comments To "Government shutdown: my small loss"

#1 Comment By Mona aka Wonk the Vote On 11 Oct, 2013 @ 00:26

That’s actually pretty profound.

#2 Comment By SherryS On 31 Dec, 2013 @ 10:23

I felt the same way!!

(followed a link from the Starship Asterisk* APoD 2014 Calendar forum)