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One hospital for a huge area.

Bombed by the USA [1] for half an hour despite clear information that they were hitting a hospital.

Ten patients killed, including three children. Twelve Doctors Without Borders staff members killed. Thirty seven injured. Much of hospital turned to burned rubble.

Obama: “Too bad. So sad [2].”

[Update two days later.] General John Campbell, commanding the “NATO” forces: “The Afghans made us do it [3].”

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#1 Comment By quixote On 06 Oct, 2015 @ 12:14

And now it was all “ [4]“.

#2 Comment By quixote On 06 Oct, 2015 @ 23:28

Just a few hours later — the “mistake” BS not holding up well in the face of the evidence — the excuse has reverted to the tired and untrue “ [5]