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Trump campaign coordination with Putin could be right in the server logs

The news of the day is all the info coming out about Putin’s personal involvement in the hacking of the US election [1] (Obviously he was involved. The guy is the former head of the KGB. The KGB. Take it from someone who’s half Russian, that’s Bad News3.)

But Russian subversion of US democracy is worse if it was helped by the guy who plans on bossing it come January 21st. (Obviously, right?) Sarah Kendzior is one person who’s been tracking this:

From her tweet [2]:

Trump campaign coordination with Russia was already discussed right after the election [3].

And Karen Collins responds:

Now just show the campaign personally coordinated with Russia and the game for them should be over.

The big words are “should be.” But aside from that, the evidence looks to be there, if the government (which Obama heads right now) would use its investigative powers to actually investigate. Foer in Slate, October 31st [note: before the election], reporting on a clandestine Trump server [4]:

Earlier this month, the group of computer scientists passed the logs to Paul Vixie. In the world of DNS experts, there’s no higher authority. Vixie wrote central strands of the DNS code that makes the internet work. After studying the [server] logs, he concluded, “The parties were communicating in a secretive fashion. The operative word is secretive. This is more akin to what criminal syndicates do if they are putting together a project.” Put differently, the logs suggested that Trump and Alfa had configured something like a digital hotline connecting the two entities, shutting out the rest of the world, and designed to obscure its own existence. [emphasis added]

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#1 Comment By PDXPat On 16 Dec, 2016 @ 17:38

From what I understand, the current Dem? administration has shot its bolt: Obama in a news conference said he *told* Putin to “Cut it out!” Probably also frowned strongly too[1], though modesty might have forbidden him mentioning that.

Thanks for keeping in public view the strength of the evidence that existed before the coup, and was resolutely ignored by the TV media and NYT. Putin wasn’t the only one with a years long vendetta against HRC.

[1] Don’t know if you’re a Retief fan, but there are so many motifs from his stories that apply even 40+ years later. Even the Groaci are coming back into prominence! His ineffective chief of staff reminds me a lot of Obama, except that Magnan was basically a good person. Among the reasons I’m trying so hard to get back to the Pacific NW from Western NC is my library there in storage. Nothing here has any Retief (or much Tiptree, no Harry Kuttner (no Gallagher!), and only the random James Schmitz)

#2 Comment By quixote On 17 Dec, 2016 @ 10:41

” Probably also frowned strongly too”

Yeah. Too right.

Intellectually, I can see that the Dem powers-that-be are going to let this train of democracy and rule of law go right off the cliff. (The only one I don’t blame is Clinton, because if she let out so much as an exasperated sigh, that’s all they’d talk about.)

Every other way, I literally cannot believe we can’t save ourselves. Some part of me — not the part that thinks — just *knows* that ‘No! They wouldn’t go off a cliff. They’d never do that!’

When we’re falling, that part is going to be just as shocked as anyone in Appalachia who can’t believe they’ll be dumped out of their health insurance.

#3 Comment By quixote On 17 Dec, 2016 @ 10:42

PS. No, never even heard of Retief. I’ll have to look that up. Sounds interesting.)

#4 Comment By PDXPat On 17 Dec, 2016 @ 13:08

I know, it’s too much to take in. Especially since we just went through this with Bush. “How bad can it be?” Well…

I keep having an image of the false memory a person is said to have of an amputated limb – only it’s the future I never knew I took so much for granted that I keep having to re-remember is gone.

If you do find any Retief, I recommend avoiding the later ones. Like all the great writers of the 50’s and 60’s, IMHO the 80’s and later comeback sequels are nowhere near as good. His 60’s stuff is very funny, especially if you’ve ever been around diplomatic staff.

#5 Comment By PDXPat On 17 Dec, 2016 @ 13:19

P.S. Just wanted to add the Retief series is by Keith Laumer – might make it easier to find 🙂

#6 Comment By quixote On 17 Dec, 2016 @ 20:18

That idea of the phantom limb illusion and it being the future we thought we had. Exactly.

I’m not sure if it hurts worse to ID the damage or if it helps to know.


(I’ve heard of Keith Laumer. Never read anything of his though.)