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What do you mean, “Russia TRIED to hijack US election”?

BBC: Russia ‘tried to hijack US election’ [1]

Have you noticed who’s sitting in the White House (when he’s not golfing)?


(Admittedly, Putin had lots of help. Crosscheck dumped over 7,000,000 [2] likely Democrats off the voter rolls, and the tRump got the Electoral College by all of around 77,000 votes in a few key districts. Small subset of effects of Crosscheck:)

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3 Comments To "What do you mean, “Russia TRIED to hijack US election”?"

#1 Comment By PDXPat On 29 Apr, 2017 @ 22:53

All that comes to mind is Tiptree’s “Last Flight OF Dr. Ahn” If we’re not that lucky, given Pence, maybe “The Screwfly Solution”?

And of course, Jack London’s “League Of Old Men”, but updated to include the majority of the human race he was not part of.

I’ve thought this so many times: if the human race makes these perennial blunders based 100%, absolutely, solely on sex, and bound up in all its history and literature (see bible, koran, etc), maybe it wasn’t intended to survive?

#2 Comment By quixote On 30 Apr, 2017 @ 12:20

“maybe it wasn’t intended to survive?”

My belief is that the Altogether-Whatever doesn’t have plans, whether it’s for our survival or anything else. If we act in ways that mean survival, fine. If not, equally fine. (According to the Altogether, not according to us of course.)

We get to decide whether we kill ourselves or not. So far, it looks like the majority thinks, “Ah, sure, let’s go for it. How bad could it be?”

(That alien spaceship I’m waiting for is getting r.e.a.l.l.y l.a.t.e.)

#3 Comment By PDXPat On 01 May, 2017 @ 11:41

You’re right, of course.

Intellectually, I share your view as to humanity’s place among all of existence. I just hadn’t realized how much the “Crown of Creation” viewpoint had crept in over the forty-odd years since my vehement student days.

Although I suppose being able to destroy a planet counts for something is the species supremacy contest, if only negatively.

(And like some of Tiptree’s other characters, and Ford Prefect, and you, I keep checking my intergalactic watch and scanning the night sky)