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Not even close

I love Joy Reid [1]. Funny, true, insightful, informed, everything you could hope for in a journalist.

She’s not always deathly serious (laughter is the only balm these days) so on her twitter feed I found this [2], which led to many photos along these lines:



I was laughing till my stomach hurt at the whole series and many of the priceless comments, in spite of being clear on how likely compensatory (BIG) button-pushing [3] would be in consequence.

But then further down in Joy’s feed was a link [4] to an article in The Economist:

Conserve elephants: they hold a scientific mirror up to humans.


Fording the Ewaso-Nyiro River in Samburu, Kenya. 2013. Carl de Souza


You really can’t talk about the species in the first picture and elephants on the same page. It’s just lucky they’re too advanced to hire lawyers.

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#1 Comment By quixote On 06 Jan, 2018 @ 10:41

Oh, and that thing with the hair? It says it’s a #stablegenius. I didn’t know.