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I am going to be ungrateful

Today is International Women’s Day.


Spanish women’s strike, March 8, 2018

photographer unknown. Reuters


Meanwhile, men (with female assistance, you can always find some who assist in any underclass, as well as some men who do not) use every tool in the book [1] to make sure women don’t count [2]. Women should be baby-producing chattel [3] who shut up and are nice [4] about it. There is a mountain [5] of daily murders [6] to make sure they are, as well as sexual terror [7]. Such crude methods should not be mentioned in polite society, so they’re often denied against the evidence [8]. (Yes, it’s worth noting that those two examples are from the US, where the mass of crimes is not as massive as other [9] examples [10] that are easy to find.) The list goes on. Genital mutilation [11]. A slave trade [12] that spans the globe and sells mostly women and girls.

There are forced [13] marriages [14] of girls. They’re not sold, of course. There are just economic incentives. The women are beaten to force compliance, can’t leave, and get nothing for their work except permission to go on living (sometimes not even that). But people don’t call it slavery because it’s labelled marriage.

Women do some 70% of the world’s work [15], lots of it totally unpaid, get some 30% of global income [16], and own a small fraction of the world’s assets (WEF 2016 [17], and estimated at 1% in this WSJ summary [18] of a World Bank Development Report on Gender Equality 2012 [19].). That is trillions of dollars every year robbed from women.

One day a year is not enough for half the human race.

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#1 Comment By PDXPat On 14 Mar, 2018 @ 20:44

Quixote, I admire your tilting at these windmills. Also your valiant efforts at bringing women’s equality to the attention of other self-styled feminist blogs, one in particular, that makes no apologies for being apologists for the worlds most enduring supremacist minority government, the Catholic Church.

Women are the majority of people on this planet. We own the most invaluable, irreplaceable, resource on this planet: the ability to create other human beings. When we are silenced, our silence determines the fate of countries. Where we have a reedy, small voice in soi-dissant democracies, even that voice matters, as witness the U.S.

Vocal or not, counted or not, we determine the fate of this planet.

#2 Comment By quixote On 15 Mar, 2018 @ 15:03

Hey PD, good to see you around.

I’ve seen one thing lately that’s giving me pause. In some Twitter threads (I’m not actually on Twitter, but I can access public accounts in a browser so I do) and on for instance Feminist Current, I’ve started seeing male commenters who actually support women.


Maybe the shouting from the MeToo crowd about “*you* call out bad behavior” is actually having an effect? Dare we hope?

About the windmill tilting, yes, that’s why I took that handle. It all started back in 2002. The King of Spain funded a site for Middle East – and – West understanding. (Early days of the Iraq mess. People were racing around trying to DO something.) The idea was a set of freewheeling forums where we could exchange ideas and argue (politely) about viewpoints. And it was moderated by about five or so expert journalists from the BBC and the like. We’d have sustained interesting discussions that went on for weeks. It was a real this-is-what-the-web-could-be experience. Never happened again.

Anyway, back to the handle. Needless to say, women were somewhere so far in the background most commenters couldn’t see them with a telescope. And I was constantly bringing up the subject because women were (are!) so central to most of the issues. I’d meet with this wall of not-getting-it that, together with the King of Spain connection, made “quixote” seem like the logical name.