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One of these things is not like the others

This is a public service announcement? I don’t know. An announcement, anyway.

Start with the flatteningly obvious. Discrimination on the basis of sex, race, creed, national origin, age, weight, or sexual orientation is Not Okay. It’s not okay because it has no basis in fact. None of those characteristics is correlated in any way with anything that matters. (Yes, there is a boatload of excellent research supporting that point.) They are irrelevant. Discriminating on that basis does not work, in the sense of improving human life in any way.

Now continue with the equally obvious. Being transgender is also irrelevant to intelligence, kindness, or competence. Discriminating against transgender people in work, housing, education, or who can get married will also not improve anyone’s life in any way.

Let’s end with the one blindingly obvious difference. Sex does affect anything to do with biology, including medicine. Sex is a fact. Facts don’t care how you feel. Pretending otherwise changes exactly nothing. Hounding people for “transphobia” if they research the consequences of hormone therapy might get them fired [1], hounded [2], no platformed, or piled on [3] [the Times article is behind a paywall], but it won’t change the resulting sterility, loss of orgasm, osteoporosis, stroke, and so on [4] (pdf) through a list of side effects as long as your arm.

Sex also makes a difference in a world organized on a sexual caste system to exploit women’s labor and reproductive ability. Unlike biology, we can change society, and it would be great if we entered a new age of humankind where none of the gendered bullshit operated anymore.

We do not live in that world. Pretending otherwise does nothing but enable willful blindness to the injustice, and the people who suffer from that most immediately are women. Women can’t identify out of being raped or being underpaid. When those with a male developmental trajectory identify into women’s athletics and take the scholarships or money prizes, women can’t identify into a lifetime of enough testosterone to take the prizes back. Nor can female fetuses identify out of being aborted on the basis of their sex.

public restrooms at Exmoor National Park labelled one for men, the other for everyone
“There is a word for a situation where women talking about female bodies is considered impermissibly antisocial, where describing the consequences of sexism for women is systematically impeded, where resources for women are redistributed to male users while resources for men are left in male hands…. The word is misogyny.” Sarah Ditum, The Economist, 2018-07-05 [5]

In this world it’s a fact that almost all (around 98%) of sexual violence is done by males [6]. (Are we all sufficently tired of Not All Men? I hope so [7]. The link is to an article about violent crime, but the same pattern holds for mere harassment. Very few perps can make a majority suffer.) Putting women in the bind of having to mindread male intentions in places where they undress [8] or can’t escape [9] is not a hallmark of tolerance. It’s a hallmark of assuming women don’t count. We all have a right to be, as the law puts it, secure in our persons. We get to do that without mindreading. The fact that men also target transpeople doesn’t make it women’s responsibility to compensate for the violence.

And that is the difference with other liberation movements. They struggled for their own civil rights. None of them tried to deprive others of what they wanted for themselves. Calling people who point these things out “transphobic” does not indicate virtuous tolerance for transpeople. It indicates a denial of facts on the order of flat earthers or creationists. It indicates a complete disregard for the human rights of women.

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5 Comments To "One of these things is not like the others"

#1 Comment By quixote On 01 Aug, 2019 @ 19:47

Might bear repeating: actual transphobia would be denying them the same civil rights all people (should) have.

#2 Comment By quixote On 01 Aug, 2019 @ 19:55

Brilliant [10]:

hands down the most frustrating part about the whole trans debate is the sheer absurdity of it. Like, let me get this straight, these ideologists are allowed to

create an entire political movement and medical industry based on giving cross sex hormones and plastic surgery to children and teenagers,

skyrocketing in numbers of people seeking these treatments to the tune of thousands of percentage points,

with no precedent, with no data, without even a consistent narrative on *why* exactly this practice is even necessary, out of the blue,

without a single SHRED of rational evidence based knowledge to assure patients these treatments are safe

(actually in the contrary, every day we get more evidence of how DANGEROUS transition is health wise)

#3 Comment By Branjor On 13 Aug, 2019 @ 09:33

Hi Quixote, this post is spot on. Thank you for covering this topic. Just so you know, there is a media blackout on the trial of Dana Rivers, a transactivist who murdered two lesbians and their adopted son. I learned this from a post on Gender Trending, the new blog that Gallus Mag now has after her excellent blog Gender Trender was deleted without notice by wordpress for covering the case of Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv, who was suing immigrant women with home based Brazilian waxing businesses in the Vancouver (B.C.) Human Rights Tribunal for refusing to wax his balls. He is also a pedophile who looks for preadolescent girls in rest rooms to see if they need help inserting tampons.

Anyway, here’s the link on Rivers:


#4 Comment By quixote On 15 Aug, 2019 @ 22:07

That’s a rather airtight blackout! I haven’t heard a whisper about that case.

Funny thing with the Yaniv case is how Twitto and WP and all sorts of places rushed to his defence only to find that he’s an out and proud pedophile perv. Now they’re all trying to tiptoe away whistling an innocent tune. But reversing their decisions to censor all the women who told the truth, that doesn’t seem to even be on the table. That’d be admitting they were wrong.

#5 Comment By Branjor On 17 Aug, 2019 @ 14:56

And wrong they were. It demonstrates their complete lack of integrity.