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Promises, Promises  Analog, 2004. Wishful thinking about politicians. 

Powered by Water  Analog Feb 2002.    The near-collapse of civilization as we know it due to the removal of one tiny component of the social glue. It could happen

Funny Furry Fellows  Analog Nov 2000. Attempted exploitation of a newly discovered world stubs its toe rather sharply on the natives' sense of humor.

They Toil Not  1999, 2005.  Life as we don't know it.

Peculiar Plants  Analog 1998.    Short-short about silent witnesses to time travel.

Tough Times. Another short-short (830 words).  This one didn't get published as a "Probability Zero" in Analog because Stan said it wasn't improbable enough.  Unfortunately, that's true. 

Gender Gap  Analog, 1997.   The aftermath of freely available gender selection.

Unexplained lights in the sky: Gamma Ray Bursters    Science fact in Analog, 1994.
     (The actual scientific fact appears to be that bursters are associated with enormous magnetic fields, neutron stars, the formation of black holes, and similar galactic-scale energies. Hmph. My theory was more fun...and who knows, it may still explain some GRBs!).