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The Middle East: a short shout of despair

One guy fainted at the sight of blood, and a woman threw up. It’s par for the course, but I’ve never understood why the trippers go on Danger Tours to Jerusalem if they hate seeing people killed.

My tour group left the militarized Zone, the gunshots faded, different flags flew together again, and the tourists recovered enough to ask questions.

“Why?” “Why do they do it?” “Why?”

I answered them for the jillionth time.

“People fought over the Zone for thousands of years. Nobody could stop it. Then we decided to stop trying. They could fight inside the Zone. Whoever won it would win the whole thing. Nobody would interfere, so long as they stayed inside the Zone. Fighters flocked in from everywhere, we fenced it, and now everyone’s happy. They shoot and we live.

Next, gentlefolk, the Millenium 3000 Exhibition….”

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