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Is anyone else surprised?

I am. I think I’ve seen it all and then it turns out I ain’t seen nothing yet.

What’s puzzling me is where are all the doctors of conscience? Idaho passes an insane women-are-cattle bill — women are disposable in the service of producing calves babies. It’s being argued in front of the Supremes. Even the Handmaid, being a maid, seems to dimly understand that this is a women-can-die-who-cares bill.

And yet, apparently, every last doctor in Idaho is so spooked at the thought of prosecution they fall all over themselves complying with slavery laws. (Yes, they are. Laws like that are declaring women don’t own their bodies. There’s a word for that. Slavery.)

Except for the one doctor in Indiana (?) who helped the 10 (?) year-old rape victim, I don’t remember hearing of a single health professional hounded by legal vigilantes.

Why aren’t they helping women escape slavery? Why aren’t they providing abortions while being defended by the ACLU? NARAL? Planned Parenthood? Everybody?