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There is hope

Or fear, according to taste. Via Slashdot, I see that we now have a more sophisticated estimate of the number of alien civilizations out there. Read more »

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Vote “present.” It’s important.

I don’t have anything against real hope. I’m like everyone else: I can’t live without it. But hopiness is toxic. It’s important not to swallow it.

Before I get rolling, I’ll say right away: No, McCain doesn’t scare me as much as Obama does. I know McCain lies, but Obama is a lie. That’s worse. I know McCain called his wife a cunt. Obama told her to get over it. That’s worse. Read more »

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Hummingbird in the rain

We’ve had out first rain in months here in Southern California, and there is nothing, nothing, half so worth seeing in life as a hummingbird taking a bath.

(This is my first ever video, so I apologize for all the rough edges. Let me know in comments if you know about software — free or cheap! — that I could be using. I’ve started on VirtualDub. There’s no sound, and it’s about 45 seconds long. Update Oct 11: This was crossposted to Shakespeare’s Sister, and thanks to suggestions from Portly Dyke there, I’ve uploaded a somewhat improved and slightly longer version.)

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Going from bad to worse

As Krugman says, we’re a banana republic with nukes. This bailout bill gets goofier by the day.

You know my feelings on it. We’re all in this lifeboat called the economy. The thing has been holed. It doesn’t matter now whose fault it is or that they should be killed. Time enough for that if we reach land. The only thing to do right now is bail out the boat before we all sink. We should bail as intelligently as possible — and good for Dodd, Frank, and Clinton!, for trying to do it. But right now, use those buckets.

I’m not surprised when people, who aren’t too clear on how bad this thing can get, think the most important thing is to figure out how to steer the boat. It was . . . three years ago, or will be a few months from now. But what makes my jaw hit the floor is people in the thick of the action who see this as just another way to make a killing. Read more »

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