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Treating Clinton and her opponent equally

Well, just in the last few days we have this:

long column of Trump criminality; Clinton didn't smile enough, coughed, called some Trump voters deplorable
Trump: over twenty instances of corruption and lies, many of them illegal, as in criminal, as in bribing attorneys general to drop fraud cases against him, but only getting a fine from the IRS for incorrect reporting. ……….. Meanwhile, on Clinton’s side of the ledger: she coughed. The media went nuts.
(Click here to see full size. Found on twitter but link lost. :redface: )

So how do you treat something like that “equally”?

The media don’t even try. It’s all Clinton, all the time.

Somebody on twitter said it’s like leading with a weather report during a national emergency.

Not really. There is some actual information in a weather report.

It’s more like leading with a story about eating chocolates after 8 PM while a con man loots the world.

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