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Here we go again

As the Red Queen says, I’m for you, #OccupyWallStreet, but you make it so damn hard.

There’s the pathetic to nasty sexism that doesn’t get called out. The common reactions are either a deafening silence or protests that these are not official representatives. In a “leaderless” movement, who if not everybody should be the leaders calling out that BS?

There’s the early lack of concern about the very 99% the movement represents, when some dude wasn’t interested in helping a local LA hotel workers’ union. His only question was why the union wasn’t supporting his cause.

Then there are the reports filtering through that rather basic consideration for disabled people has been overlooked. Simple things like just letting people know how many steps are involved at #Occupy sites.

Now I see this in the LATimes:

The Occupy movement came to Los Angeles aiming for Wall Street titans, but farmers market vendors are the first to take a real hit.

Two weeks ago, about 40 vendors who sell on the City Hall lawn every Thursday were forced off the property after protesters refused to remove their city of tents. …

“The cause is good,” said Genaro Lopez, a vendor who initially helped protesters with free sodas and burritos. “But this is our bread and butter, and we’ve taken a huge hit.” …

Still, Fennelly said, protesters are choosing to stay put, because “an occupation means an occupation, not a three-week camp-out.”

The decision was made through a vote Oct. 19, she said. Close to a hundred demonstrators cast votes. Nearly everyone agreed to move, but a handful did not. Because decisions required unanimous approval, the handful won….”

I don’t suppose it would occur to the geniuses to move the Occupation to the less visible site for a few hours? (They’re in tents, if anything, right? Aren’t those made to be moved?)

Or to take one look at California politics and understand the downstream consequences of requiring super-majorities for decision-making? (Hint: gridlock or the jerks win.)

You know what, folks? This isn’t going to work. I think you need some of the ideas I’ve discussed here. Mainly that rights are for all, including the rights you’re fighting for. Including when you have to make way so that others don’t get pushed to the wall. Otherwise you’re just fighting for your own privileges.

Or maybe you need other ideas entirely. But whatever it is, it’s not more of the same.