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Being down on Republicans is all the Democrats have?

This article set me off. Shorter version: ZOMG! The Republicans are racists.

Look, pardon me for being snooty, but if that’s news to you, you haven’t been paying attention. The Repubs have been chasing the racist vote ever since it became available in the early 1960s. Before that, the Democrats had it sewed up. But then they had a brief come-to-Jesus moment and went and supported Civil Rights in the early 1960s, and that was that.

Everybody, everybody, knows the Republicans are racists. The more interesting question is why the Democrats have such a hard time convincing people they’re the Good Guys™.

Could it be because people aren’t total idiots? Could it be because they see that the Obama crew worked hard to bail out the banks and did next to nothing for regular folks? Could it be because they see unemployment up over their ears, and a White House that’s bored by their plight? Except in campaign speeches.

On one side we have racist corporate shills and on the other side we have corporate shills. On one side we have women-hating troglodytes and on the other side a man of wealth and taste who quite agrees that bishops shouldn’t have to put up with anything so anti-religious as civil rights for female citizens.

So pardon me for not caring when the well-dressed shills who are selling me out tell me to get hysterical over the other well-dressed shills who are selling me out.

Now, if there was a side defending my civil rights, if there was a side pushing Medicare for All, if there was a side with a real economic stimulus that switched us to green, clean, sustainable energy, then I’d be listening.

(You might say there is such a side, but, as Jill Stein pointed out, “[In Egypt], it was illegal to have third parties. Here it’s just impossible.”)