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Selling life for fun and profit

Maybe not so much for fun, but profit? Definitely. I’ve written about what’s really wrong with genetically modified food before, and it’s not mutant monster three-eyed chickens giving you cancer.

Being a biologist, I’ve been complaining about biological problems.

  • Monsanto creating crops to withstand its own RoundUp herbicide. More herbicide = more ecological damage + less nutritious crops. And, in a win-win (for Monsanto), it gets paid for the patented crops and the patented RoundUp sloshed on the fields. (1)
  • The potential to cause allergies due to substances created or used anywhere in the process of production through to application of the genetically modified plant or animal. 1, 2)
  • The industry hiding information about problems in what’s a very familiar pattern by now. (2)

But it suddenly hit me, reading this article, that the biggest danger is not irreversible biological damage. Not enough people care about irreversible biological damage.

The real problem is that

genetically altered food has been subject to intellectual property protection, and the creation of new foods has become a reliable way to ensure profit streams for whoever patented them first.

Profit streams. God help us. People would, and do, destroy their own grandchildren to get at a profit stream. We’re doomed.

The only good news is that, unlike irreversible biological damage, we have total control over profit streams. Start once again enforcing the unpatentability of life, the profit stream dries up, and the problem is solved.

What are we waiting for? Permission from Monsanto?


Mexican farmers block Monsanto law to privatize plants and seeds.